In the extent of investigation and discussion of the challenges faced by Muslim and Arab societies, the Faculty of Economics in Istanbul Şehir University is working in cooperation with the Kızıldeniz Center to hold an international conference on issues related to addressing social, economic and educational problems. The political circumstances that face the societies in this region require identifying the possible solutions to find a way out of the current crises and to approach the analysis of their sources.

Since the beginning of the last decade, the societies of the Muslim countries have witnessed many new phenomena. The change in economic systems and the increase in social and political mobility in terms of imposing new conditions and challenges are the most important ones, including the growing role of the private sector and its social and political repercussions on society and the state.

The conference is seeking to discuss many vital phenomena, as it continues to be widely discussed about its reality and future.

The entry of new generations into political mobility has been an important phenomenon that requires study and analysis. It has gained momentum over the past years in politics and media. From this point of view, this phenomenon requires many studies on the nature of youth mobility, from the aspects of social backgrounds and levels of education and its association with parties and social movements.

The emergence of the role of women has been accompanied by the growing political mobility in the Arab countries, which requires looking at the consequences of its reflection on political participation and women’s entry into the public sphere, whether it contributes to the promotion of social mobility or complicates the social heritage towards women in traditional societies in general.

These contexts are influenced by the nature of economic systems and their ability to achieve social stability. Hence, the conference looks forward to studying the reflection of economic policies on the state of education and social stability, as well as on the overall capacity of countries to bear internal burdens and to meet external challenges.

There are also important to address the historical context and its reflection on change in Muslim societies, from the point of impact in social and educational policies, Since many countries access to independence, it passed through experiments in social evolution, the Conference will address to evaluate possible alternatives  to overcome civil wars and building a positive relationship between communities in Muslim countries

The aim of the Conference on Human Sciences and Education to be held at the Faculty of Economics at the İstanbul Sehir University is a gathering of researchers and experts on the development of humanities curricula that are an important part of the educational systems of the 21st century. The conference will be held from 8-10 Februar 2019.

The conference is scheduled to be held at the İstanbul Sehir University, which includes a cadre of professors and researchers of the first order healthy scientific environment on the Kartal coast in the Asian section of Istanbul.

The İstanbul Sehir University invited researchers and experts from all Islamic countries to participate in its first conference in cooperation with the Kızıldeniz Education Consultancy Services Center and to promote cultural communication of all kinds.

Your participation is our pleasure and your presence is our honor.

Conference Day 1

Conference Day 2

Conference Day 3

The conference looks forward to the participation of academics, experts and researchers from universities and research institutions to discuss changes in Islamic countries and to explore policies and possible solutions to overcome the current challenges and invite them to write in one of the following axes:

  • Political conditions and their reflection on stability.
  • Generation and gender studies and their relation to political change.
  • Social economy policies in Islamic countries.
  • Educational policies and social mobility.
  • Media and its impact on political mobility.
  • Historical dimensions and its reflection on social and educational contexts.

Honorary Conference President
Prof.DR. Beyami ÇELİKCAN

Executive Manager
Prof.Dr. Turgay Geçer

Decision Maker
Dr. Khayri OMAR

Conference Coordinator
Dr. Ahmed Abdulhalim

External Relation Officer

Mr. Ahmet ŞİMŞEK
Mr.Mustafa SYAMA

Scientific Committee

Prof.Dr.Ahmet Faruk Aysan, School of Management and Administrative Sciences
, İstanbul sehir university, Turkey.
Prof. Dr. Lokman Gündüz, School of Management and Administrative Sciences
, İstanbul sehir university,Turkey.
Prof. Dr. Ali Necadat, Faculty of mass communication, Yarmuk university, Jordan
Prof.Dr. khadice Berak, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, Algeria.
Prof.Dr. Hamush Abdelrazik, Faculty of mass communication, Algeria.
Prof.Dr. Salam El- Gadban, Faculty of Basic Education, Iraq.
Prof.Dr. Mohamed El- Gizany, Faculty of Basic Education, Iraq.
Prof.Dr. Cengiz Tomar, Faculty of Economics, Marmara university.Turkey.
Prof.Dr. Mustafa Şen, Faculty of Arts, Sakarya university, Turkey.
Prof.Dr. Zeynelabdin Mav, Om- Elbawaky university, Algeria.
Prof.Dr. Bogalim Abbas, Faculty of Political Science, Mohammed I University, Morocco.
Prof.Dr. Hatim Selim El-Galawna, Faculty of Mass Communication , Yarmuk University, Jordan.
Prof.Dr. Yasin El Tahat,Faculty of Mass Communication, Yarmuk University, Jordan.
Prof.Dr. Abdul Majid, Institute of Business Research, Tokyo, Japan.
Prof.Dr. Ghaleb Khazaal Samd Al mchkour, Head of the Department of Psychological Counseling and Educational Guidance, University of Mustansiriyah, Iraq.
Assoc Prof. Saad EL- Kubesy, Baghdad University, Iraq.
Assoc Prof. Mahmud El- Samasiry, Faculty of Information, Sohag university, Mısır.
Assoc Prof. Fatiha Furkani, Faculty of Political Science, Algeria3 university, Algeria.
Assoc. Dr. Davut Pehlivanli, School of Management and Administrative Sciences
, İstanbul sehir university, Turkey.
Assoc. Dr. Turgay Geçer, School of Management and Administrative Sciences
, İstanbul sehir university, Turkey
Dr. Dağhan Gökçe, School of Management and Administrative Sciences
Dr. Khari Omar, Faculty of Political Science, Sakarya university,Turkey.
Dr. Abd Elsatar Ragab, Sociology, Kartag university, Tunisia.
Dr. Ahmed Salem Ould Bah, Faculty of Arabic Language and Humanities ـ University of Islamic Sciences in Aioune, Mauritania.

Prof. Dr. Peyami ÇELİKCAN



Dean, School of Management and Administrative Sciences Department Chair, Economics


Director, Graduate School of Business


Faculty of mass communication

towards conducting new Islamic conception

30 Dec 2018 Deadline for submitting summaries
10 Jan 2019 Evaluation of abstracts by the Scientific Committee
7 Feb 2019 Welcoming Participants
8-10 Feb 2019 Conference Dates
15 Mar 2019 Deadline for sending full text

Send papers in Arabic, English or Turkish

Research Summary

The abstract should consist of 300 words including four words. Applicants should clearly demonstrate the problematic nature of their potential papers, their purpose, manner, timing and proposals. The Times New Roman font should be.

  • A 3 cm gap should be left blank on all sides of the page.
  • Title: Font size 12, capital letters, bold and in the middle.
  • Book names: font size 10 and middle.
  • Organization: Font size 10 points in the middle.
  • Text: The size of 10 points is specified, 1.0 is one
  • Theoretical research should refer to the problem, stating its purpose, methodology, evaluation, results, proposals, and clearly explain the tags.
  • Research should shed light on the problem based on empirical evidence, mention the goal and purpose (type of research, population, sample, methods of measurement, statistical methods, etc.), and provide results, conclusions and proposals so that the keywords are clear.
  • Research should not be published or used on any scientific platform before.
  • 2.5Cm should be left blank on all sides of the text page.
  • Title: font size 12, the letters are large, wide and in the middle.
  • Author / book name: font size 10 and middle.
  • Institution: Font size 10 in the middle
  • Headings: Font size 10 in the middle and large capital letters.
  • Subheadings: Font size 10 must be aligned to the left, the first letters are wide and in capital letters
  • Text: Font size 10 delimited (left and right aligned), 1.0 one.
  • Titles of charts, tables, and images: in line size 10 and in bold.
  • The first letters of tables and shapes should be capitalized and the rest of the letters should be small. Explanations should be placed at the top of the tables but below the charts and images.
  • A space should be placed between sections.
  • The references in the text should be placed as a letter / name, publication year and page number in brackets. Example (John, 2005: 4)
  • A checklist should be submitted at the end of the research, starting alphabetically according to the author’s titles. The APA references should be given (Style Manual 6th ed.
  • Research should not exceed 10 pages, including a list of sources and references.
  • Timesheet Roman should be written.

Elite Hotel (4-star hotel)

Adress: Piri Reis Cad. No : 3 Dragos / Maltepe / ISTANBUL 

The conference will be held at the conference hall of İstanbul Sehir University, which is located in the DRAGOS area on the Asian side of Istanbul province.

İstanbul Sehir University

Red Sea Education Consultancy Services Center

Participants from outside Turkey:

ِAcadimic Degree Stay Standard Fees
Lecture ,Associate, Participant,Professor) With Hotel 350$
Without Hotel 250$
Graduated (PhD, Masters, Researchers, Media) With Hotel 250$
Without Hotel 150$

Participants inside Turkey:

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All Degrees Without Hotel 100$

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Stay for 4 nights with double rooms.

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  • The researcher can participate in the conference to submit a maximum of two papers, and each applicant submitting a joint paper must pay the registration fee. A joint certificate will be awarded for each paid research.
  • Registration fees cannot be refunded to participants who have not been able to attend the conference and submit their papers, but the papers of the absent participants can be published in the electronic proceedings book.
  • Applicants must pay the registration fees through IBAN by 15/1/2019. Otherwise, they will not be allowed to participate in the conference program, even if their paper proposals are accepted.
  • Registration fees do not cover accommodation and travel expenses.
  • Applicants must specify their names and titles, as well as the status of their participation (academic member, teacher, attendant without papers to submit, etc.) while paying registration fees.
  • Registration fees cannot be refunded at all.

Registration Fees cover:

Conference Bag:

  • All conference services include breakfast lunch and dinner throughout the conference day.
  • Stay for 4 nights with double rooms.
  • Those interested can attend without submitting research provided that a form including personal information work place and communication is provided and attendees attend the conference attendance certificate.

A tour to visit historic landmarks in Istanbul with a dinner party on the last day.

  • Conditional research will be published in a scientific journal.
  • The management of the conference grants the participants certificates of participation accredited by the İstanbul Sehir University and from Kızıldeniz Education Consultancy Services Center.
  • Acquaintance and communication with all those interested in this field and to build scientific social and functional partnerships especially for those who are in the initial stages of work.
  • Send all the activates and research materials and other periodically to the participants.